Science Open House

The first ever Society of Women Engineers Science Open House was held on Saturday, March 9th, 2013 on the Caltech campus. There were two demo shows at 10am and 11am followed by guided tours. The event is open to all members of the Pasadena and surrounding communities, but it is particularly gear towards inspiring elementary and middle school children to get involved in science. The response was phenomenal and we hope that this show will continue for years to come!

What to expect?

A demo show! Your family and friends will gather in one of Caltech�s physics lecture halls where several members of SWE will perform fun, spectacular demonstrations.

The presentations are interactive and we encourage members of the audience to volunteer and shout out answers to questions posed during the show!

Each show usually last between 40 and 45 minutes. Afterwards you are welcomed and encouraged to come talk to the SWE members. We are more than happy to let you try out some of the demos and answer all of your questions!

After the show

You are welcome to attend a campus tour. We have several SWE members that will take you on a quick 30-40 minute guided tour of the campus. You will get to know all about what Caltech has to offer!


I attended the SWE Open House with my 9-year-old daughter, who likes science, and she enjoyed it so much that we had to stay for the second show. All of you were well-prepared and the demonstrations went off beautifully. These kinds of demos, which show how "cool" science can be, are what will encourage kids to pursue science studies. I also appreciated that the students were so gracious in talking with the children between shows. I hope CalTech will support SWE in presenting future open houses.

I wanted to thank you for the very nice presentation you gave to the students on Saturday. We know you have very busy schedules, but this did make a big impression on my daughters. They love science, and my older daughter was recently inspired by the Caltech CHIP house to do a 3rd grade science fair project last year on Eco-Architecture.
Thank you again for your efforts!

Hi Gals,
I just want to thank you for the interesting and fun �Science Open House� you put on last Saturday (3/9/13). My husband and I both attended with our two children (5th grade boy, 8th grade girl). We were all impressed and delighted to be there for all your awesome demonstrations. I would be interested in attending this event in the future!
- A. Horsman

Good morning - I am writing to comment on the recent Open House/Tour hosted by the Society of Women Engineers last Saturday. I have two daughters who attend Sierra Madre Elementary, which is part of PUSD. We were fortunate to be able to attend the demonstration and tour which was FANTASTIC! The science experiments were well thought out, completely engaging and very interesting. My children were fascinated as was I. I went to college and I learned some new things! I have never been on the Caltech campus before and as I want to introduce college to my girls, we took the tour. I apologize that I didn't catch the name of the women who showed us around. (She is a Junior from Reno, Nevada, researching AIDS.) Her tour was spectacular. Along with learning about the actual campus, she gave us much insight into what life is like there, as well as sharing all sorts of interesting anecdotes. What a special place Caltech is! Our tour leader spoke about the nurturing environment and the opportunities for research and following your passions. My children and I came away from the whole experience enthused and impressed. What a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning! So thank you to all the people who took time out from their daily schedules to host such a wonderful event.

Engineering Open House 2015

This year, Engineering Open House was held on Saturday May 9, 2015 by the Beckman Auditorium.

Please see the announcement flyer for more information.