About Us

The Society of Women Engineers is a national organization devoted to the advancement and education of women in science and engineering. Its members are professional engineers and engineering students. The national organization provides scholarships and a free resume database.

The Caltech sector organizes many local activities, including dinners with professors, Dress for Success events, community outreach, receptions with industry (coinciding with the Career Fair), workshops, speakers, monthly meetings and more.

Community Outreach Events.

SWE coordinates activities to encourage girls to maintain and develop their interests and skills in math and science, revealing to them their potential to succeed on an engineering career path. We perform science demonstrations at elementary schools, and coordinate all-day events at Caltech where middle school girls come and learn about engineering through lab tours, faculty speakers, competitions, and hands-on-projects. Our biggest event each year is Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

Lunch with Professors and Grad Students.

These lunches involve round-the-table discussions with female Caltech professors and graduate students, allowing students the opportunity to network, seek valuable advice, and form mentoring relationships.

Freshman Mentoring Program.

New SWE freshmen are paired with upperclass SWE mentors, who provide guidance on everything from choosing the right major to dealing with social issues. SWE also coordinates various mentoring discussions, goal setting workshops, and social events for the pairs throughout the year. Click here for more information or to sign up!

SWE Conferences.

SWE members take trips to the SWE national and regional conferences, which involve lots of exciting activities including workshops, seminars, keynote speakers, grand dinners, and an enormous career fair. Workshop and seminar topics included technical skills, balancing work and family, dressing for the workplace, and dealing with men in the male-dominated engineering environment.